Keep in mind...                                                                                
When commissioning any artist please keep in mind that there is a lot of time(many many hours)/work involved with creating, planning and then finishing to give you a great quality piece of art. Quality over speed. Also, when working with contract artists and given specific directions on the project there is a tendency for the artist to feel constrained to produce what the client specifically wants or thinks is needed for a specific purpose, so it becomes harder that the artist works to do exactly what is wanted, therefore the less likely the client is to get the artist's best work. That's not to say it isn't very good work! However satisfied, however pleased, he or she might have been with the final outcome, the artist hadn't been free to really explore the potential of their own talent and vision. So what I'm trying to say is, letting the artist create the painting to produce an original piece of work from their own vision you'll get their best work.
        •   Depending on my schedule I will inform you when to roughly expect the project to begin.
        •   It is a first come first served basis.
        •   I have the right to refuse any commission at any time.
        •   My commission schedule has possibilites of being adjusted here and there so patience is a must.

        •  Buyers do not own any rights on any commission, or other artwork I produce. If you wish to buy the rights to the image in addition to your commissioned artwork, please contact me.

Guidelines for Commissions or Published covers

       •   Colored in traditional mediums: Oil, Acrylic, Airbrush paint, and or Prismacolor pencil, Watercolor and Walnut oil.
       •   Currently I only draw Females because I say so.
       •   Let me be free to produce and really explore the potential of my own vision.
       •   Classy pose, no action, no nudity, or sleazy poses. (Do not inquire as to why)
       •   Background is included to compliment the design.
       •   Additional characters - Price will vary depending on the project.
       •   Shipping is not included in total price. It will be added to your invoice. *Insurance, tracking, and signature is a must.
       •   Customer provides the sketch cover.
       •   Sanding off sketch cover logo is an option to create more room.
       •   Customer has paid in full before project is started, no exceptions.
       •   No discounts on combined commissions or single commissions.

Painted Sketch Comic Cover Commissions
These take hours to create from 2 to 2.5 weeks. Quality over speed.

1 Figure
$1,700*  Head to thighs (3/4's) -
1,950*  Full figure -           
$2,500* Wrap-around (front & back cover) includes:
       •   One full Figure
       •   One 3/4th's Figure
       •   & One head Figure or any combination
       •   Background is included
Feel free to look at my Commission page (refer to present works)

Optional Payment Plans

CGC grading
   Cover will be submitted directly to CGC and only through my representatives account.
       •   $80 per cover, submitted for fast track grading/encapsulating only. No exceptions.
       •   Disclaimer - When shipping the comic I cannot guarantee the comics condition, but I will take care to keep it in the condition I received it in.

11x17 Commissions
These take hours to create from 4 to 5 weeks. Quality over speed.
Choose one or all 4 figure sizes of a Head shot, Bust, 3/4's, and or Full figure - $4,000
       •   Painted on high quality acid free paper 100% cotton.
       •   Background is included to compliment the design.

Sketch book or Artist Paper Stock (8.25X10.75)

    Refer to the prices on the Sketch Comic Covers.

*Prices are subject to change at any timeContact me for a commission.
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