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Natali, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love the Queen Amidala sketches you did for me.  I thank you for accommodating me with the three sketches.  I know many wanted to be a part of this sketch op, so I know how lucky I am.  All three commissions have blown me away.  Thank you for everything.
- Ocram G.

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing level of customer server service from everyone involved, and the brilliant artwork.
-  Justin R.

Got my new prints up on the wall, I love them so much. Thank you so very much again Natali Sanders your work never stops amazing me, you are a great and wonderful artist and friend to have in this world.
- Dustin C.
You did an amazing job on both of my commissions. The Dr. Harleen Quinzel and the Laura Vandervoort Supergirl. I think that the new Harleen print would look great displayed with the comic.
- Clay D.

Hey "No E"!! I have seen you have prints up for sale. Ship your incredible talent over to the shores of the U.K.
- Steve M.

I think your pictures are beautiful (my good friend Nene Thomas thinks you're awesome too and that's saying something). And it was nice to virtually meet you too. You're amazing and inspiring for a poor little aspiring artist such as myself. Few people colour with tradional media anymore.
-Yvonne T.

Hello Natali. I just received my Queen Amidala commissions today. All I can say is that they look phenomenal. The ability to see all the details in the background and the subtle nuances (the colors used in the eyes and the eyelashes) just make these commissions true master pieces in my collection. I hope I will be able to get a spot in your next sketch op. Once again thank you so much for your passion you showed towards doing these pieces and making them truly priceless.
-Ocram G.
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Starting in 2016 all newly produced prints will have the Authentic foil seal. This will bring more value while protecting the image from fraud.

I'm sorry, but I won't be attending many, if any, comic cons.  My schedule is too full and I feel as though the con industry is becoming over saturated.  If by chance I do attend, I will let you know here and on my fb page.

Scheduled Cons 2017: 
AZ Eventure Con. February 18th.

I am putting together a hardbound art book of all my works from comics, commissions, and original paintings.  It's already over 100 pages! A must for the avid collector.  I'll post here to let you know when it's up on
Soon I will have some shirts up to purchase and I'll have everyone on facebook vote for the one(s) they really like.

My commission list is constantly growing from demand, and I'm sorry if I have to turn anyone away. But there are many prints, limited sketch covers, or a few originals left to consider. 

A little after dropping out of college she was discovered and began to draw for comic companies as a cover artist. During   this  time,  she  was influenced from drawing others
characters, so she finally started to write. After a couple years she then solely began to take on commissions, with one or two...

In 2010 I drew, "Sareen's Revenge," with dry pastel and prismacolor pencil on Cougar 33x21.5 paper.

Sareen was once a French police officer that hunted Vampires and supernatural creatures all over the world. With her profession it bought her a feared name and even more once she killed one of Dracula’s brides. Dracula’s attention was honed onto Sareen and after watching this hardcore female he desired to have her. Thinking he could use his charm and sexual appeal he tried to convince Sareen to become his bride. Her response was a dagger to his heart, but quickly she learned Dracula was nothing like other vampires. She had tried everything in the book, holy water, a cross, garlic, staked, made him drink dead blood - which he nonchalantly drank to humor her, but nothing was working. In her last attempt she took a sword to cut his head off, but Dracula stopped her and told her it wouldn’t work.  Sareen sat in his arms enraged, she had never failed before. Dracula demanded that she become his bride knowing she would resist him again, and she denied him by spitting in his face. Dracula was disappointed that he couldn’t charm her, but simostaiously satisfied that it took a very strong female to deny him, he rarely had to use his compulsion. Knowing now he had to have her even more he compelled Sareen, and took her away to his castle where he awakened her as his bride.

Now as a newborn vampire Sareen struggles with her past and believing herself to be now evil. Living daily in a constant battle she fights against her new blood-thirsting nature, appalled by what Dracula made her.

Fearing that Sareen would kill or starve to mummify herself, Dracula slaved a werewolf to her.  Werewolves were bred to protect the vampire masters or whomever the master wished. Dracula knew prier from watching her it was one of her favorite beasts to kill and he hoped this might switch off her humanity for good.

Once the werewolf was brought to Sareen, she immediately became reminded and distracted with her past life of being a cop. Also, despite her efforts to find a way to kill Dracula, the more time she spent with her werewolf guard she began to fall for him.  Forbiddingly quick her vampire personality fell in love while he shared the same affection. They both devised a plan to get away from Dracula to finally express their love. Dracula knew what was happening, but allowed them to run away together to Romania where they spent a few passionate months together.

On a beatuful calm night, Sareen, and her bodyguard casually walked outside an unknown (to mortals) vampire cemetery, Sareen suddenly had a flashback. It was the same place she had killed a group of murdering werewolves. Her cop self awakened from the memory and immediatly turned and attacked the man she loved.  He shifted to his werewolf form for more power, but it was too late, Sareen got her hands around his neck and ripped his head off. She then gazed down at his dead body and slowly bent down picking up his head, she expected remorse but found none as both of her sides were content with the slaying.

Dracula had been watching from a distance when he aproched and asked if she would return home. Not accepting his invitation right away he made a deal with her that she would be the only bride allowed to take another partner to fill the void, but to also fill her need of power. She knew when he said power it was to kill. Dracula also knows just like him her other relationships will never last as conflicting personalities are never satisfied. So to this day she is continuously conflicted with herself, but still finds the enjoyment she receives from her new found power. You never know which personality you’re talking to till it’s too late.


This print is reproduced on high quality 100lb Cougar, matte paper. Stunning quality and  packed into a protective archival sleeve.