LYCANBLADE, The beginning
11x17 print
US $25.00
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Natali, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love the Queen Amidala sketches you did for me.  I thank you for accommodating me with the three sketches.  I know many wanted to be a part of this sketch op, so I know how lucky I am.  All three commissions have blown me away.  Thank you for everything.
- Ocram G.

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing level of customer server service from everyone involved, and the brilliant artwork.
-  Justin R.

Got my new prints up on the wall, I love them so much. Thank you so very much again Natali Sanders your work never stops amazing me, you are a great and wonderful artist and friend to have in this world.
- Dustin C.
You did an amazing job on both of my commissions. The Dr. Harleen Quinzel and the Laura Vandervoort Supergirl. I think that the new Harleen print would look great displayed with the comic.
- Clay D.

Hey "No E"!! I have seen you have prints up for sale. Ship your incredible talent over to the shores of the U.K.
- Steve M.

I think your pictures are beautiful (my good friend Nene Thomas thinks you're awesome too and that's saying something). And it was nice to virtually meet you too. You're amazing and inspiring for a poor little aspiring artist such as myself. Few people colour with tradional media anymore.
-Yvonne T.

Hello Natali. I just received my Queen Amidala commissions today. All I can say is that they look phenomenal. The ability to see all the details in the background and the subtle nuances (the colors used in the eyes and the eyelashes) just make these commissions true master pieces in my collection. I hope I will be able to get a spot in your next sketch op. Once again thank you so much for your passion you showed towards doing these pieces and making them truly priceless.
-Ocram G.
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Starting in 2016 all newly produced prints will have the Authentic foil seal. This will bring more value while protecting the image from fraud.

I'm sorry, but I won't be attending many, if any, comic cons.  My schedule is too full and I feel as though the con industry is becoming over saturated.  If by chance I do attend, I will let you know here and on my fb page.

Scheduled Cons 2017: 
AZ Eventure Con. February 18th.

I am putting together a hardbound art book of all my works from comics, commissions, and original paintings.  It's already over 100 pages! A must for the avid collector.  I'll post here to let you know when it's up on
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My commission list is constantly growing from demand, and I'm sorry if I have to turn anyone away. But there are many prints, limited sketch covers, or a few originals left to consider. 

A little after dropping out of college she was discovered and began to draw for comic companies as a cover artist. During   this  time,  she  was influenced from drawing others
characters, so she finally started to write. After a couple years she then solely began to take on commissions, with one or two...

In 2012 I drew, "Lycanblade, the Beginning," with airbrush, oil paint, and prismacolor pencil on Strathmore 14x17 paper.

A Blade is a human species that forms liquid silver titanium armor over their entire bodies. It is used in battle or for elaborate displayed occasions. Also, it’s forbidden for Blades to have a physical relationship with werewolves, for fear of the offspring and its potential. But as every story with a forbidden rule, someone has to break it. Whaaaat?!

Autumn Deloncré is a Blade and Vengeance Haviour is the Alfa leader of his werewolf pack. The two of them knew their love was forbidden, but despite everything they married and soon after they conceived a child. When both of their family’s learned of their treason, they seized the new born baby and killed the two lovers before the races as an example.

The two races feared the newborn hybrid and so the town witch was then given the task to kill the offspring, to make sure it would be destroyed. Once the witch took the infant girl and was alone to complete her task, she couldn't harm her. So instead, she hid the baby in the dungeon where she would look after her. That night she named her, Jozet Deloncré.

As Jozet grew, the witch noticed permanent formations on the child. She had formed silver claws on her left hand and silver tipped ears. Sometimes the blade wrapped around her body into an elaborate protective armor, but it was sporadic, like she had no control over it - worsening during full moons. Jozet, not understanding what she was, the woman finally told her at sixteen that she was a Lycanblade, and explained what happened to her parents and why she was the only one of her kind.

So after the witches story, Jozet sat in the dungeon, trapped with anger trying to control the Blade while waiting for the day she could avenge her parent’s deaths.

Then, on her eighteenth birthday the moon was high as blue fog floated in all around and into the dungeon from the small deteriorated barred windows. Quickly the damp smell of the trees and dirt drifted behind the haze. The witch suddenly ran in and handed Jozet as she sat on a haystack a crystal that hung from a silver chain and frantically the witch told her that when she wore it, it would control her from shifting. She told Jozet to then run, the Blades knew she was still alive and soon so would the werewolf's. So Jozet took the necklace carefully, stood confidently, and dangled it up high as she told the witch with determination in her eyes, “Tonight is the one night I choose to become a Lycanblade. My parents will not have died in vein.”

This print is reproduced on high quality 100lb Cougar, canvas paper. Stunning quality and  packed into a protective archival sleeve.